Fitted Cage -Volume One
Heart Pendant - Volume One
Fitted Cage
Heart Pendant
Pronged Pendant - Volume One
Oval Cabochon Pendant - Volume One
Pronged Pendant
Oval Cabochon Pendant
Pineapple Decoration - Volume One
Sweep Decoration - Volume One
Pineapple Decoration
Sweep Decoration
Cabochon Bracelet - Volume One
Ten Bead Bracelet - Volume One
Three Bead Bracelet - Volume One
Cabochon Bracelet
Ten-Bead Bracelet
Three-Bead Bracelet
Ear Wires - Volume One
Ear Cuffs - Volume One
Double Loop Earrings - Volume One
Ear Wires
Ear Cuffs
Double Loop Earrings
Heart Earrings - Volume One
Open Cage Earrings - Volume One
Safety Pin and Earrings - Volume One
Heart Earrings
Open Cage
Safety Pin and
Spider Pin and Earrings - Volume One
Tear Drop Earrings - Volume One
Three-Bead Box Earrings - Volume One
Spider Pin and Earrings
Tear Drop Earrings
Three-Bead Box Earrings

To purchase these books the prices are as follows:

Volume's Basic through Six - $14.00 per book
Volume's Seven through Fifteen - $15.00 per book
Exclusively Prongs - $25.00
Shipping & Handling - $5.00 for up to three books(Exclusively Prongs considered as 2 books)
$10.00 for all 16 books

Please e-mail or call (803)649-2262 to place an order

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