Advanced Wirecraft, Volume 2 is a continuation of the effort I started in early 1997. Volume 1 was issued May 14, 1997 and revised November 17, 1997. Volume 2 contains 18 new designs and new directions for a pronged pendant.

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I greatly appreciate the input I have received from Mimi Murray. Not only has she continued to share designs with me, but she has critiqued some of my procedures and she has provided valuable suggestions for improvement. The Boxed Oval Cabochon Pendant design in this book is one I learned from Mimi.

Also, I appreciate the time Beverly Johnson spent with me reviewing how she makes pronged pendants and rings. Based on those discussions, I have made significant changes in my directions for a pronged pendant.

Others who have shared designs with me include Melvane Scott who first taught me how to wrap a shark's tooth. I was inspired by a Miniature Picture design developed by Preston Kemp to write the Picture Frame procedure. Also, I learned the Arrow Bracelet, Dangle Earrings and Butterfly Pin designs from students in classes taught by Otto Glass, Shelly Nidetz and Jean Eberle. The design for the Practice Bracelet is based on one made by Mary-Alice Philman in one of my classes when we were practicing wrapping with square wire before making a pronged pendant. Other designs in the book are mine.                           

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 Procedures for all of the designs in this book were written by me. I used English units in some procedures and metric ones in others. Although metric units were used for convenience in some cases, they were also used either when centering beads and cabochons, or when accuracy was important. All of the wire used in these procedures is half hard, unless another temper is specified in the procedure.

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