Advanced Wirecraft, Volume 3 is the fourth book in the series I started in 1997. Others include; Beginning Wirecraft (1998); Advanced Wirecraft, Volume 1 (1997); and Advanced Wirecraft, Volume 2(1998).

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Although I have been interested in rocks, minerals and fossils since I was a child, I did not become involved with wirecrafts until I took courses from Martha Spies, Mimi Murray and Betty Baxter at Wildacres in 1995. These excellent teachers provided me with a solid foundation. Many of the techniques I use were learned in their classes. In addition, I started teaching at Wildacres in 1997 and at William Holland in 1998. I have continued to learn there from my students and others.

Thanks to Freda Hull who read and commented on the Silversmithing Section of the Woven Cuff Procedure. Also, thanks to students in my classes at Wildacres and William Holland in 1998 who used first drafts for many of the procedures in this book. They provided many valuable comments.

I greatly appreciate the input I have received from Mimi Murray. Not only has she continued to share designs with me, but she has provided valuable suggestions for improvement. The Transparent Crystal Slice Pendant in this book was developed at Mimi's suggestion.

Otto Glass, whom I have gotten to know at William Holland, has also been very generous in sharing his designs with me. The Golfer Earrings and Large V-Shaped Earrings with Beads are procedures I developed from jewelry made by Otto.

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Others who have shared designs with me include John Norred who showed me how to make the Bead Enhancer at the Gem and Mineral Show in Columbia, SC. The Easy Pronged Pendant for 12mm Round Stone procedure was developed based on a pendant made by Doug Green that one of my students at Wildacres brought to class.
Also, the Collar Based on Australian Design was developed from a collar purchased in Australia by one of my students at Wildacres. The Wreath Pendant with Beads procedure is based on a pendant made by Karen Wenger. I was inspired to develop the Narrow Woven Bracelet with 10 Wire Base and the Woven Cuff Bracelet after seeing a very wide woven bracelet made by Larry Vaughn. Other designs in the book are mine.

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