I wrote my first wirecraft book in 1997 when I started teaching. This is the thirteenth book in the series which includes a beginning book and thirteen advanced books.

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Special thanks to Gail Allen and Kathy Morris. Gail has provided editorial comment on the books for a number of years, and Kathy has designed and maintained my website. Both ladies have made my life so much easier.

I appreciate Suzanne Parish for providing me information on a new source for keyless chucks. Also, thanks to Sandy Russell for suggesting a new source for Swarovskicrystals. Information is included in the Suppliers list on page iv.

As in past years, I am thankful for the people who were willing to share their designs with me. They include: Barbara Chadwick (Bead Wrapped Bracelet), Wendy Davis (Tree of Life Pendant), Jeanne Gegenheimer (Shirt Sleeve Pins), Jenn (Jenn's Earrings), Karen Mason (Square Knot Earrings), Carolyn Myers (Sculptured Collar), Suzanne Parish (Diamond Shaped Earrings), Don Reed (Egyptian Earrings and Ladle Earrings), Rowan Rose (Dale's Bail), and Sandy Russell (Link Bracelet and Earrings with Crystal Beads).

Other designs in the book are either mine, or they are based on classical or commercial jewelry pieces. However, all of the procedures in this book were written and illustrated by me, and the techniques described are ones I use in making jewelry.

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Many students in my classes last year tested draft versions of these procedures. I appreciate their many helpful comments and suggestions.

Included after the Table of Contents are four pages of photographs of jewelry made based on the procedures in this book. I hope you will find them useful.

Any suggestions you have for improving this or my other books would be greatly appreciated. Also, please contact me if you have a design you are willing to share with me for a future book.

The photograph of a king penguin on the cover is one I took in Grytviken, South Georgia during our 2008 cruise around South America.

To purchase these books the prices are as follows:

Volume's Basic through Six - $14.00 per book
Volume's Seven through Fifteen - $15.00 per book
Exclusively Prongs - $25.00
Shipping & Handling - $5.00 for up to three books(Exclusively Prongs considered as 2 books)
$10.00 for all 16 books

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