This is the eleventh book in the series I started in 1997 when I began teaching wirecraft classes. That series includes nine other Advanced Wirecraft books and a Beginning Wirecraft book.

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There are two people I would like to give special thanks to this year: Gail Allen and Kathy Morris. Gail provided editorial comments on all of the procedures in this book. Her comments are so valuable not only because she is a skilled editor, but also because she is a wire artist. Kathy designed and maintains the Web site which features my books. She did a great job. I hope you get a chance to go on line and check out the site at:

As in past years, I am thankful for the people who were willing to share their designs with me. Many of these people have shared designs with me for a number of years. They include: Sara Adams(Two-Tone Bracelet), Barbara Chadwick(Embellished Darlin's Bracelet), Ann Metz(Removable Bead Pendant),Ruth Ann Moore(Free-Form Ring with Faceted Stone), and Judy Peppers(Ring Guard). Another design in the book is by the late Jean Eberle(Spear Point Pendant). In addition, I have been able to include designs from two new people: Fran(Obsidian)Harris(Earrings for Flat Beads) and Gene Sheridan(Change-a-Cab Pendant and Change-a-Bead Pendant).


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Many students in my classes this last year tested draft versions of these procedures. I appreciate their many helpful comments and suggestions.

Included after the Table of Contents are four pages of photographs of jewelry made based on the procedures in this book. I hope you will find them useful.

Please note, I almost always use half-hard wire(#2) in my jewelry. When I do use wire of another temper, I specify that in the procedure.

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