This is the eight book in the series I started in 1997 when I began teaching wirecraft classes. I have written one Advanced Wirecraft book per year since then, plus a Beginning Wirecraft book in 1998.

I am pleased that my second project is featured in the May, 2003 issue of Wire Artist Jeweller magazine. That project is a pronged pendant with bow description.

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I think this book is one of my favorites. Not only does it contain some classical designs, but it also contains designs from a number of my friends and colleagues.

Ruth Ann Moore shared 3 designs with me - the Three Wire Bracelet, Beaded Earrings and the Hidden Bead Ring. Debbie Penrod shared the Bar Pin for Eyeglasses and Dragonfly Pendant designs with me. Maggie's Bracelet is a design from Ann Metz.

The Ring with a Small Round Faceted Stone procedure is based on a ring I got from John Norred. The Tomahawk Pin is a variation of earrings that Otto Glass has taught in his classes. Otto does not know who developed the design, except that it was someone from Tallahassee, FL. Darlin's Bracelet was written after seeing a bracelet made by John Darlin. However, the design is based on a 12th century BC arm ring from Sussex, England.

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This book contains two other classical designs in addition to Darlin's Bracelet. These are the Viking Earrings and the Elephant Hair Style Bracelet. Other designs are mine. However, all of the procedures in this book were written by me, and the techniques described are ones I use in making jewelry.

Many students in my classes this last year tested draft versions of the procedures. I appreciate their many helpful comments and suggestions.

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