This is the sixth book in the series I started in 1997. Other include: Beginning Wirecraft(1998); Advanced Wirecraft, Volume 1 (1997); Advanced Wirecraft, Volume 2 (1998); Advanced Wirecraft, Volume 3 (1999); and Advanced Wirecraft, Volume 4 (2000).

Although I have been interested in rocks, minerals and fossils since I was a child, I did not become involved with wirecrafts until I took courses from Martha Spies, Mimi Murray and Betty Baxter at Wildacres in 1995. These excellent teachers provided me with a solid foundation. In addition, I have taught at Wildacres and at William Holland in recent years, as well as at workshops for local clubs. I have continued to learn there from my students and others.

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I appreciate the many people who have shared designs with me, as well those who have asked for specific procedures to be included in this book.

Special thanks go to Shirley Miller who shared her Tennis Bracelet design with me.

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The Pendant with Open Bail is based on a pendant I saw that was wrapped by Shellie Carder. The Salt Spoon Angel is based on a similar piece which sold at auction several years ago at William Holland. I do not know who made that original pendant. The Bracelet with Faceted Stone is based on ones Otto Glass has taught in his class. Doris Sias has made Treble Clef earrings for a number of years. Debbie Penrod shared her idea for making the Wrapped Angel Earrings based on a design in my Beginning Wirecraft book.

The Easy Cuff Earrings are based on ones a student brought to class. Those earrings were made in the 50's by a cosmetic company. The Large Fringe Earrings and the Bar Pin are also based on examples my students brought to class. In those cases, I do not know who made the original pieces.

Other designs are mine. However, all of the procedures in this book were written by me, and the techniques described are ones I use in making jewelry.

Many students in my classes this last year tested draft versions of these procedures. I appreciate their many helpful comments and suggestions.

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