This is the ninth book in the series I started in 1997 when I began teaching wirecraft classes. I have written one Advanced Wirecraft book per year sine then, plus a Beginning Wirecraft book in 1998.

This book contains more shared designs than any of my other books. I really appreciate all of my friends and colleagues who provided information about or examples of their designs for me to include in my book. Those people include: Willie LaNasa (Willy Nilly Style Bracelet), Bev Ludlow (Double Drop Earrings), Daniel D Morgan (Cabochon Cuff Bracelet with Woven Sides), Ruth Ann Moore (Flower Bracelet), Veronica Moore (Cross Pendant with Large Faceted Stones), Debbie Penrod (Pendant for a Thick Heart and Geometric Bracelet), Jeanie Roundy (Omega Earrings), Dorothy Stapler (Collar with Attached Pendant), Dawn Thorton (Classic Ring with Faceted Stone) and Virginia Tutterow (Bead Pendant).

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Also, I appreciate Suzanne Wagner and Otto Glass sharing an example of Grandmother Flo's Cross they had made. However, the origin of the design is unknown.

Other designs in the book are either mine or are based on classical jewelry pieces. However, all of the procedures in this book were written by me, and the techniques described are ones I used in making jewelry.

Many students in my classes this last year tested draft versions of these procedures. I appreciate their many helpful comments and suggestions.

I especially appreciate the efforts of Gail Allen and Rhoda Weyr in providing editorial comments on procedures in this book. They made my job so much easier this year!

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$10.00 for all 16 books

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