Although I had been interested in mineral collecting since I was a child, I did not take and wirecraft courses until 1995. I took my first course then because I had purchased a shark's tooth at a local gem and mineral show, and I wanted to be able to wear it. I am pleased to say that I learned a great deal more in that first course.

Beginning Wirecraft is my third book on wirecrafts. Two Advanced Wirecraft books were printed in 1997 (Volume 1 was issued 5/14/97 and revised 11/17/97, and Volume 2 was issued 11/24/97).
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This book includes some general information including a list of tools and some of the suppliers I use. Jewelry designs were selected to cover a wide variety of basic skills. Two copied pages show the various pieces of jewelry for which designs were provided. In addition, the final section of the book includes a series of "How to" topics covering in detail the various technique included in the book (plus a few not covered in the book).

The Basic Cuff Bracelet design in this book is based on one made by Mary-Alice Philman in one of my classes. The Bracelet with Oval Beads design is based on a bracelet made by one of my friends, Karen-Lee Wenger. The Spiral Earrings and the Pharaoh's Ring designs are similar to ones taught by Martha Spies in her class. The Adjustable Ring design was learned from Doris Sias. A few of the designs (like the cage) are generic designs. Other designs in the book are mine.
Procedures for all of the designs in this book were written by me. I used English units in some procedures and metric ones in others. Although metric units were used for convenience in some cases, they were also used either when centering beads and cabochons, or when accuracy was important.

Thanks are given to the members of the Charles Towne Mineral Lapidary Club who used the first draft of this book at a workshop in January, 1998. They provided valuable feedback for improving the book.

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